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How to Avoid Eye Strain While Working at a Computer

How to Avoid Eye Strain While Working at a Computer

  • Lauren Rosecan

If you spend a lot of time working in front of your computer, you may have noticed that your eyes and head are starting to bother you. This is likely due to eye strain. There are many reasons someone gets eye strain, including not having their computer at the proper height, using improper lighting, or simply spending too much time of the day looking into a computer screen. Here are some things to know about computer eye strain and how to prevent it.

Symptoms of Eye Strain

There are a wide range of things you may experience when you have eye strain. This includes having redness or dryness of the eyes, sensitivity to light, pain around the temples and eyes, which also includes a headache or neck pain, fatigue, problems performing tasks that require visual acuity, and vision issues, such as blurry or double vision. You can get just one or two of these symptoms, or several of them at once. It is best to work on improving your workstation and resting your eyes as soon as you notice the first signs of computer eye strain.

Take Care of Your Eyes

Many people experience dryness of the eyes as the very first sign of eye strain. Once you have this symptom, add eye drops to your eyes and look away from the computer for several minutes. This helps your eyes to relax and absorb the moisture of the drops.

Move the Computer Screen

If you are working on a laptop, consider placing it on top of a shelf or box to get it in the right position. Desktop monitors are easier to adjust, which can help you prevent eye strain. The monitor should be an arm’s length away, and straight ahead. Be sure it is in front of you and not off to the side or at a tilt. Raise or lower the monitor until it is no more than eight inches below your eyes.

Use the Right Lighting

The lighting in your office makes a big difference, whether it is too dim or too bright. One way to test the lighting is by cupping your hands over your eyes similar to a baseball cap and look at the monitor. If you notice an immediate improvement in your eye strain symptoms, lighting is likely the problem and needs to be adjusted. Try adjusting your lighting, including on the monitor and the room lighting, until you notice the eye strain start so subside.

Get Anti-Glare Filters

Another way to reduce eye strain is by reducing glare. There are filters you can place on your monitor that reduce the glare. If there is too much of a glare on your computer screen, your eyes are having to work twice as hard to see properly. This often leads to eye strain.

Rest Your Eyes

If you are looking at your computer screen for hours at a time without a break, ti is no wonder your eyes are tired and causing headaches. You need to give at least your eyes a break, by looking away from the computer screen every 15-20 minutes. Blinking frequently also helps to reduce dry eyes, as well as using your eye drops.

Along with proper computer usage and eye drops, your eye strain can be completely manageable.

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