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Google Glass and Your Eyes

Google Glass and Your Eyes

  • Lauren Rosecan

Can you imagine seeing information in real time, displayed seemingly in the air in front of your eyes? Google Glasses will make you feel as if you’ve stepped right out a sci fi movie. Upon release of this product, consumers named Google Glass one of the company’s best inventions to date.  What makes Google Glass so unique?

What is Google Glass?

Google Glass is a pair of glasses with a tiny computer implanted into them. They’re lightweight, yet they have a strong frame. Bluetooth, wi-fi, speakers, microphone and a touchpad are all included in the frames.  The small screen attached the screen allows user to view videos, read web pages and view photos.

How does Google Glass Work

Google Glass is operated via voice command and through a touchpad where you can just tap your finger and swipe to view the menu and other apps. You can capture both videos and photos without using your hands.  Google Glass works along with your smartphone. There are more than seventy applications available for Google Glass that are downloaded via your phone.

When paired with your phone you can receive news feeds, social media notifications, text messages and phone calls through Google Glass.

Fashion Meets Technology

For a device that’s capable of doing so much, you would think Google Glass would be a clunky device. Google Glass is sleek and looks very similar to your average pair of glasses. It’s available in various color and frame designs.

Google has created four super light titanium frames that are designed to fit users prescription. They’re  made in cool colors. To safely install prescription frames into the device, Google encourages consumers to have this service completed by one of their preferred providers.

How Does Google Glass Affect Your Eyes?

Although, Google Glass has its benefits, prolonged use can cause harm to your eyes. When worn for hours at one time, Google warns that it could also cause headaches. Headaches are caused by constant eye straining.

Dr. James Salz spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology compared the experience of viewing content on Google Glass to reading small print and that constant  use could lead to eye dryness.  Experts  reveal that when wearing Google Glass for the first time, an adjustment period is needed just like with regular prescription eyewear.

Google Glass causes minor eye complications due to the fact that the display screen is placed right in the user’s field of vision, the see-through augmented reality digital information that’s displayed also takes some getting used to.

Recently, Google banned the use of Google Glass for children under thirteen years old. Patients who have undergone Lasik eye surgery are advised to check with their eye doctors to find out if Google Glass is right for them.

Yes, while Google Glass causes mild eye irritation, it poses no serious threat or harm to user’s eye health. To combat eye dryness and irritation users are encouraged to apply quality eye drops such as Crocodile Tears which are great at lubricating, protecting and moisturizing dry eyes.