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Do you need glasses or just tears?

Do you need glasses or just tears?

  • Lauren Rosecan

Dry eyes syndrome is one of the reason many people visit an optometrist. Tears lubricate your eyes and guard them against infections and allergens. Therefore, without tears, perfect vision is impossible.  Signs of this syndrome may include:

  • Inflammation and redness of the eye
  • Burning of the eye
  • Persistent dryness of the eye
  • Foreign body sensation

Dye Eye Syndrome treatment

Fortunately, there are a number of treatments available for this syndrome. Most of these methods are successful at reducing dry eye symptoms. However, in the recent past, many patients have believed that the only remedy to this problem is getting glasses from a health professional.  This is definitely, untrue. Having dry eyes is not usually related to needing glasses. One of the most effective medication processes that can be used to treat dry eyes is “artificial tears”, which helps in lubricating the outer and inner surfaces of the eyes.

What makes artificial tears tick?

Artificial tears act as substitute to natural tears; they can replace natural tears to an extent. They cannot match the protein found in natural tears; however, they are rich in polymers, water and salt. Many people find glasses uncomfortable, annoying, unattractive and inconvenient. Contrary to this, artificial tears try to mimic the natural tears, hence more convenient compared to glasses. In other words, they act as a “first cousin” to natural tears:

  • They are lubricants. For that reason, they act as a comforting agent to the eye. Usually, people suffering from this syndrome, are known to have damaged ocular tissue because of the friction and irritation caused in the eye. However, artificial tears guard these tissues from this kind of damage.
  • Additionally, they perfectly blend well with the eye’s ocular secretions, thus not causing any stinging or burning sensation to the eye. Alternatively, they reduce comfort and increase comfort.

Best artificial tears

It is imperative, to discuss with your optometrist the origin of your condition before taking any action. Your doctor will recommend artificial tears that can handle your level and type of dry eye severity. Crocodile Tears, a type of artificial tears readily available in the market, is among the most trusted medications your doctor may recommend; therefore, feel free to research more about it.

Try Crocodile tears to soothe your eyes.