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Clear up the confusion about eye drops

Clear up the confusion about eye drops

  • Lauren Rosecan

So, your eye doctor has suggested that you use artificial tears to treat your dry eye condition. You have been to the drug store, and noticed the overwhelming types of artificial tears in the shelves. Which one should you try? Is there any difference between these drugs? Here is a useful classification list of these drugs.

Artificial tears which coat your eyes

Some artificial tears contain ingredients, which promote healing on the eye’s surface cells. They contain HP-guar, which improves the moisture content of cells that might be prone to damage due to dryness. Hp-guar also, forms a gel layer, which protects the already damaged cells.

Artificial tears and Hydrogels

These are artificial tears that contain hydrogels, or elements that work to boost the moisture in your eyes. The more this type of artificial tears contains hydrogel, the more effective it is.

Artificial tears which stabilize natural oils

Some artificial tears help stabilize the tear’s film, oily part. If the oily part is disrupted or interrupted, your natural tears will definitely evaporate much faster, leaving your eyes feeling gritty and dry. These artificial tears therefore, contain oily ingredients such as mineral oil and castor oil that boosts the required balance.

Artificial tears with preservatives

Some artificial tears have preservatives while other don’t. The preservatives discourage the growth of bacteria when applied to the eyes. If you have severe dry eyes, it is advisable to consult a medical practitioner to prescribe a more convenient drug for you, if this does not work appropriately.

Artificial tears which last longer

A few brands of these tears attempt to maximize contact time with the eye by being more viscous. They may contain some chemicals that are hard for the lubrication effect to disappear quickly.  Although the thickness of these tears sometimes, causes temporary hazy vision, it is an effect that dry eye patients are more than willing to put up with.

With all these types, it is important you discuss with an expert/pharmacist the ideal artificial tears for your eyes. Most certainly, they may prescribe a drug like Crocodile Tears, a type of eye artificial tears, which is safe to use and moisturizes your eyes just like your natural tears.

Try Crocodile tears to soothe your eyes.