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Are artificial tears safe for your children?

Are artificial tears safe for your children?

  • Lauren Rosecan

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, if your kid has red eyes due to allergies or illness, you can find some artificial tears that are safe to use. Depending on your kid’s eye conditions, doctors sometimes recommend specific artificial tears just meant for children. Therefore as a parent, it is always advisable to consult a doctor to establish what kind of artificial tears will be both beneficial and safe for your kid.


There are different types of artificial tears that are safe to use on kids. Artificial tears especially made from pure saline are harmless on kids of any age. If your kid is three years old or more, you can safely use artificial tears, which contain mast cell stabilizers or antihistamines to treat redness or eye itchiness, caused by allergies.

Safe usage

To safely, instill artificial tears in your kid’s eyes, doctors recommend you start by ensuring that the eyes are clean. Ask your kid to look upward, and then use your finger to pull the lower eyelid down. Avoid any contact between your child’s eye and the tip of the eyedropper. Put the recommended drops of the medication in the eye, and then release the eyelid.


The most important thing while your child has these eye problems and other related conditions is to consult a specialist. While red, itchy eyes are an obvious sign of allergies, talk to your doctor first for an appropriate diagnosis. Sometimes, your kid may be suffering from a viral or bacterial infection in his/her eyes. In addition to that, there are special artificial tears that work well in children, hence the significance of knowing the most suitable type.

Crocodile tears, is for instance, a proper type of artificial tears that can stimulate your kid’s natural ability to clear redness and to fight dryness. There are no worries about the rebound consequences of using this type of artificial tears on your kid. However, always find out the problem first before treating it with the available medications in the market.

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