Fun Facts About Eyes

Eye Health: 60 Years and Older

The best way to protest eyesight is by getting regular exams, which is a simple precaution. Additionally, proper eye nutrition is another vision safeguard. Eye Health: How is Nutrition a Key Component?  It is important to choose foods that are rich in antioxidants such as green leafy vegetables, vitamins A and C, and fish as […]

Which Eye Drops Work the Best?

No matter what type of eye problem you have, there is an eye drop that will relieve most symptoms. Figuring out which ointment or drop to choose is dependent upon your condition: Allergies Dryness Eye discharge Itching Pinkeye (infection) Redness Soreness Swelling Consult your eye doctor should any of these conditions develop to determine the […]

Croccy Goes to Expo West!

We are excited to announce that we will be attending Expo West 2015! Come visit us in booth #7539! This trade show is the premier trade show for natural living. They are expecting to have over 3,000 exhibitors with the world’s top natural brands and products. They have been showcasing products since 1981. And they have […]

Do my kids need eye drops?

Do my kids need eye drops?

Q: My kids are either always active playing their little league sports, or doing their homework on the computer.  Should I be concerned about them having dry eyes? A: If the dry eye problem is primarily due to the environment, it can usually be resolved through use of sunglasses when children are outdoors. The use […]