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Crocodile Tears to Participate in NACDS Total Store Expo

Crocodile Tears LLC to Participate in NACDS Total Store Expo at Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado on August 22-25, 2015 Crocodile Tears LLC manufactures the best remedy for severe dry eyes which produces artificial tears using a natural tears formula. The product’s ability to offer patients the chance to get instant relief from their […]

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6 Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

As one of the essential organs in our bodies that play an enormous role in our survival, eyes are both complex and sensitive. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep them in good health. Most people neglect regular check-ups or visiting a doctor until a problem occurs. This is when it’s usually too late, and a treatment […]

Remedy for Dry Eyes

Get Rid of Puffy Eyes With These Tips

One of the biggest beauty issues is waking up with puffy eyes, especially when you have a big day planned. A variety of factors contribute to puffy eyes including excessive stress, crying, sinus issues, dieting, sleep problems, allergies, weather changes, hormonal changes, dermatitis, and genetics. The good news is there are some simple and nature […]

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Home Remedies and Lifestyles for Dry Eyes

For those who have experienced dry eye symptoms on an occasional basis, this condition could be managed through frequent eyelid washing or use of over-the-counter eye drops. Addition of Tears with Over-the-Counter Eye Drops Over-the-counter artificial tear eye drops will resolve mild cases of dry eye. Ask your eye doctor who drops could be the […]