Crocodile Tears to Participate in NACDS Total Store Expo

Crocodile Tears LLC to Participate in NACDS Total Store Expo at Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado on August 22-25, 2015

Crocodile Tears LLC manufactures the best remedy for severe dry eyes which produces artificial tears using a natural tears formula. The product’s ability to offer patients the chance to get instant relief from their pain in a natural manner is a major advantage.

It is particularly advantageous to present the product to a knowledgeable audience at these trade shows and gain their feedback regarding the product’s effectiveness. 

Making use of a severe dry eyes remedy like Crocodile Tears is a much better option for the patients than using ineffective and costly remedies that either don’t work or have a number of side effects. Being made from natural ingredients, this product is free from any kind of adverse effects and can provide instant relief to the patient from the pain associated with dry eyes. Besides its effectiveness, it is formulated by an experienced and accomplished eye surgeon, which leaves no doubts regarding the quality of the product.

The major concern that patients have regarding dry eye remedies is that of side effects. It stems from the fact that most of the remedies available are synthetically produced and make use of chemicals which tend to adversely affect the eyes in the long term. Since this product does not have any chemicals present in it, the patients can rest assured that they will not experience any side effects from its use. 

The measure of effectiveness of a dry eye remedy is that it is able to provide quick relief from the pain associated with this condition and at the same time improves the clarity of vision for the patient. This product exceeds all these requirements and is thus an ideal remedy for dry eye patients. Moreover, people that use contact lenses would also find this product up to their liking as it can provide them relief from dryness and irritation caused due to quick evaporation of natural tears by offering the necessary lubrication to their eyes. As this product is made from the same material used for moistening the cornea during cataract surgery, it is a specialized dry eyes remedy which is way more effective than ordinary drugstore eye drops. 

Crocodile Tears LLC has participated in various trade shows like the AOA 2014/2015, Expo West 2015/2016, Expo East 2015, NACDS, and SOHO Expo 2015 and is now attending the NACDS Total Store Expo event too. In the last 12 months, the product has achieved many milestones which include getting a 5-star review on Amazon and various5 star reviews from Shoppers Approved. The sending out of 20,000 letters with samples to doctors across the country has helped in getting the doctors familiarized with the product while the investment of $500,000 into the digital marketing of the product has also helped a lot in making it a household name. The regional commercial during daytime television in the east coast is a step taken in the same direction.

Trade shows such as the one being held at Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado on August 22, 2015 are excellent avenues to promote the product. A spokesman for the company states “It is particularly advantageous to present the product to a knowledgeable audience at these trade shows and gain their feedback regarding the product’s effectiveness.”

The 2015 East Expo Trade Show should offer the company the chance to promote Crocodile Tears to a wider audience and give people in this region the opportunity to try the product and learn about its benefits.

Croccy Goes to Expo West!

We are excited to announce that we will be attending Expo West 2015! Come visit us in booth #7539! This trade show is the premier trade show for natural living. They are expecting to have over 3,000 exhibitors with the world’s top natural brands and products. They have been showcasing products since 1981. And they have managed to grow from 3,000 attendees at the first show to 67,041 industry attendees in 2014.

We will be showcasing our gentle and safe eye drops for daily lubrication. They are great and non-aggressive. They truly don’t sting and they don’t bite.