Crocodile Tears to Participate in NACDS Total Store Expo

Crocodile Tears LLC to Participate in NACDS Total Store Expo at Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado on August 22-25, 2015

Crocodile Tears LLC manufactures the best remedy for severe dry eyes which produces artificial tears using a natural tears formula. The product’s ability to offer patients the chance to get instant relief from their pain in a natural manner is a major advantage.

It is particularly advantageous to present the product to a knowledgeable audience at these trade shows and gain their feedback regarding the product’s effectiveness. 

Making use of a severe dry eyes remedy like Crocodile Tears is a much better option for the patients than using ineffective and costly remedies that either don’t work or have a number of side effects. Being made from natural ingredients, this product is free from any kind of adverse effects and can provide instant relief to the patient from the pain associated with dry eyes. Besides its effectiveness, it is formulated by an experienced and accomplished eye surgeon, which leaves no doubts regarding the quality of the product.

The major concern that patients have regarding dry eye remedies is that of side effects. It stems from the fact that most of the remedies available are synthetically produced and make use of chemicals which tend to adversely affect the eyes in the long term. Since this product does not have any chemicals present in it, the patients can rest assured that they will not experience any side effects from its use. 

The measure of effectiveness of a dry eye remedy is that it is able to provide quick relief from the pain associated with this condition and at the same time improves the clarity of vision for the patient. This product exceeds all these requirements and is thus an ideal remedy for dry eye patients. Moreover, people that use contact lenses would also find this product up to their liking as it can provide them relief from dryness and irritation caused due to quick evaporation of natural tears by offering the necessary lubrication to their eyes. As this product is made from the same material used for moistening the cornea during cataract surgery, it is a specialized dry eyes remedy which is way more effective than ordinary drugstore eye drops. 

Crocodile Tears LLC has participated in various trade shows like the AOA 2014/2015, Expo West 2015/2016, Expo East 2015, NACDS, and SOHO Expo 2015 and is now attending the NACDS Total Store Expo event too. In the last 12 months, the product has achieved many milestones which include getting a 5-star review on Amazon and various5 star reviews from Shoppers Approved. The sending out of 20,000 letters with samples to doctors across the country has helped in getting the doctors familiarized with the product while the investment of $500,000 into the digital marketing of the product has also helped a lot in making it a household name. The regional commercial during daytime television in the east coast is a step taken in the same direction.

Trade shows such as the one being held at Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado on August 22, 2015 are excellent avenues to promote the product. A spokesman for the company states “It is particularly advantageous to present the product to a knowledgeable audience at these trade shows and gain their feedback regarding the product’s effectiveness.”

The 2015 East Expo Trade Show should offer the company the chance to promote Crocodile Tears to a wider audience and give people in this region the opportunity to try the product and learn about its benefits.

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6 Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

As one of the essential organs in our bodies that play an enormous role in our survival, eyes are both complex and sensitive. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep them in good health. Most people neglect regular check-ups or visiting a doctor until a problem occurs. This is when it’s usually too late, and a treatment of some kind is necessary. To avoid vision problems and severe diseases, it’s significant to incorporate a regular eye exam as a part of your usual check-up.

Common problems such as nearsightedness and farsightedness are easily treated with visual aids such as glasses or contact, while problems that are more serious require more attention and if they are not treated processed in time, they can cause blindness or complete loss of vision. To maintain healthy eyes all throughout your lifetime, look at our tips to make sure you are seeing your best even in the golden years.

#1 Nutrition for Good Eye Health

You are what you eat. In this case, your eyes depend on what you eat. Foods that are rich in omega-3 fats, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, and acids are great for preventing a cataract or macular degeneration. Consuming almonds, fish, eggs, berries, and dark leafy greens maintains your eye health as well. Research shows that a diet rich in fruit and vegetables offers many eye health benefits.

#2 No Smoking

If you’re a smoker, it’s a good time to quit because this bad habit increases the risk of optic nerve damage and many eye illnesses.

#3 Rest Your Eyes

Staring at books or the computer for an extended period of time puts a lot of strain on your eyes and can lead to blurry vision, inability to focus at a distance and headaches. If you have to sit at the computer the entire day, make sure you do the following to give your eyes a rest:

Every two hours take a 15-minute break, without looking at the computer screen.

Every 20 minutes, look 20 feet away, for 20 seconds.

Remember to blink. This helps keep your eyes moist and comfortable.

#4 Use Safety Eye-wear

It’s essential to wear your glasses at all times, especially while you’re at work, reading at home or playing sports. This is especially important if you’re working in a potentially hazardous environment. Whenever you can, wear protective goggles, safety shields, or guards in order to protect yourself in every occasion.

#5 Wear Sunglasses

The harmful UV exposure leads to macular degeneration and developing diseases such as cataract. We can’t stress enough the importance of sunglasses. Look for ones that block 99 or 100% of UV-A and UV-B radiation.

#6 Take an Eye Exam

Comprehensive dilated eye exam is a procedure that determines whether you have any issues that need to be treated. Some problems don’t show any symptoms, therefore an exam of this sort is necessary. If you visit the doctor regularly, it will help you prevent vision problems as well as protect you from any diseases before they become too serious. It detects problems such as glaucoma, eye diseases caused by diabetes, macular degeneration due to age etc.

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Get Rid of Puffy Eyes With These Tips

One of the biggest beauty issues is waking up with puffy eyes, especially when you have a big day planned. A variety of factors contribute to puffy eyes including excessive stress, crying, sinus issues, dieting, sleep problems, allergies, weather changes, hormonal changes, dermatitis, and genetics. The good news is there are some simple and nature tricks for solving this problem.

  1. Water

Staying well-hydrated is one of the easiest ways to ward off puffy eyes. When you drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily, you’re less likely to retain water and experience swelling under your eyes or anywhere else on your body. Try avoiding caffeine, as well as other dehydrating carbonating beverages.

  1. Cold Spoons

This surprisingly effectively home remedy is also very simple. Your blood vessels will relax the same time the skin around your eyes tighten. All you have to do is chill five or six spoons for around ten or fifteen minutes. Hold spoons so the rounded part is on your eye until it becomes warm, and then change it out.

  1. Tea Bags

The tea can be green or black, it doesn’t matter because both will work for puffy eyes. The tea also works for inflammation and redness, as well. Soak two tea bags in hot water, and then let them cool. Place the tea bags over your eyes, lie down, and then place a cloth over your eyes. Stay this way for at least fifteen minutes. Repeat this routine several times daily until puffiness is gone.

  1. Cucumbers

In addition to tightening the skin around the eyes to remove puffiness and wrinkles, cucumbers also eliminate dark circles. Make thick cuts, chill slices for ten minutes, place on eyes for ten minutes (or until they’ve warmed), and then repeat this routine several times until puffiness is gone.

  1. Egg Whites

In addition to getting rid of puffiness, egg whites also help eliminate wrinkles. All you have to do is separate the yolks from the whites, whip the whites until they are stiff, and add a couple of drops of witch hazel astringent. Apply the mixture underneath the eye using a soft cloth and allow it to dry. Leave the mixture on for at least fifteen minutes. Repeat this routine once per day for several days until puffiness is gone.

  1. Potatoes

Potatoes have the same healing properties as cucumbers, including getting rid of dark circles. Use a medium sized potato, peel it, wash it, grate it up, place the gratings into a clean cloth, tie it up, and place the cloth over your eyes for at least five minutes. Repeat the routine several times daily until puffiness is gone.

  1. Cold Water

Just like drinking water, splashing water will help your puffy eyes. Splash water on your eyes several times daily until puffiness is gone. This will lessen swelling and constrict blood vessels. If this is too irritating, holding bags of ice on your eyes is just as effective.

  1. Salt Water

Salt mixed with hot water effectively reduces puffiness and swelling. Mix four cups of hot water with half a teaspoon of salt. Place cotton balls into the mixture and then place them on to your eyes for a couple of minutes.

  1. Strawberries

There are alpha-hydroxy acids in strawberries that help reduce swelling and puffiness. Chill strawberries for at least a half hour, cut off the tops, cut the strawberries into thick slices, place slices under eyes, and lie down for several minutes.

  1. Aloe Vera

In addition to being a wrinkle reducer, aloe vera is also great for reducing puffiness. By applying aloe vera around your eyes, you’re flushing out unwanted fluids and improving blood circulation. This will help reduce puffiness and swelling.

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Home Remedies and Lifestyles for Dry Eyes

For those who have experienced dry eye symptoms on an occasional basis, this condition could be managed through frequent eyelid washing or use of over-the-counter eye drops.

Addition of Tears with Over-the-Counter Eye Drops

Over-the-counter artificial tear eye drops will resolve mild cases of dry eye. Ask your eye doctor who drops could be the best option for you due to the sheer variety of choices of artificial tears available. Here are some ideas to help you with the selection process:

Non-preservative vs. Preservative Drops:

To prolong the shelf life of some eye drops, manufacturers are added. This type of eye drop can be used up to four times daily. When used more than four times, irritation can result. Non-preservative eye drops are packaged in single-use vials under most circumstances. The vial must be thrown away immediately after use. For those who need to use eye drops more frequently than four times daily, non-preservative eye drops are a safe option.

Ointments vs. Drops:

A lubricating ointment for the eye provides a coating that offers relief that will last a longer period for dry eyes. However, ointments are thick and could cause vision to become clouded. Due to this fact, it is recommended that ointments be used before bedtime. Use of eye drops can be used anytime during the day without causing cloudiness and will not cause interference with vision.

The number of times eye drops are needed per day are solely dependent on the severity of your symptoms. There are some patients who need to add eye drops to relieve dry eye symptoms once hourly, whereas others only need to use their drops once daily.

Controlling Inflammation by Washing Eyelids

For those with blepharitis, as well as other conditions that could cause the eyelids to become inflamed because the flow of oil to the eye is blocked, washing the eyelid frequently could be helpful. Here are some eyelid washing tips:

A warm washcloth should be applied to your eyes first. Begin by wetting a clean cloth using warm water. For five minutes, hold the cloth in your eyes. When the cloth becomes cool, re-wet it with warm water again. Loosen any debris on your eyelids by gently rubbing the washcloth over your eyes.

Only mild soap should be used on your eyelids. If your doctor hasn’t recommended soap for your eyelids, baby shampoo is a good option. Close your eye and use a clean fingertip to massage gently soap onto the eyelids where the base of your eyelashes are. Then, completely rinse away the soap.

It may be recommended by your doctor to complete the routine on a daily basis, even if your dry eye symptoms have gone away. They may tell you that stopping this method could result in your dry eye symptoms returning.

Eye Health: 60 Years and Older

The best way to protest eyesight is by getting regular exams, which is a simple precaution. Additionally, proper eye nutrition is another vision safeguard.

Eye Health: How is Nutrition a Key Component? 

It is important to choose foods that are rich in antioxidants such as green leafy vegetables, vitamins A and C, and fish as part of a healthy diet. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish, as well as many other foods, which is vital for the health of the eye’s macula.

The macula can become harmed when an individual consumes too many saturated fats and alcohol, and does not consume enough antioxidants. Diets high in fat could also cause constricted arterial blood flow. Because eyes have such small blood vessels, they are particularly sensitive to this issue.

When Diet Isn’t Enough:

According to studies, maintaining eye health can be achieved through proper nutrition. However, as individuals age, diet alone may not be enough.

Ocuvite® Adult 50+ Lutein & Omega-3 Formula was developed by Bausch and Lomb for this reason. Nutritional support is provided with this unique formula for individuals at risk for age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Each soft gel contains 6 mg of Lutein and 150 mg of Omega 3, in addition to antioxidant vitamins E and C; all of which are important nutrients to the macula.

Is Smoking Harmful to the Eyes?

Stress from a high level of oxidative exposure to the eyes occurs from smoking. There is no definitive connection, however smoking does increase risks toward the development of eye health issues. There are a number of resources available for those interested in quitting including


It is important to exercise to improve blood circulation to help improve levels of oxygen to your eyes and remove toxins.

Wearing Sunglasses

It feels wonderful to be outdoors all day, however it is rough on eyes. Wearing sunglasses is a great solution because harmful UV rays are blocked. Wearing a hat with a brim is also helpful.

Computer Usage

When spending more than two hours using a computer, eye stress is common. Here are some tips to reduce this issue:

  • Your computer screen should be lower than eye level
  • Keep the distance between documents and your computer screen at a minimum
  • Sooth dry, irritated eyes using drops like Bausch + Lomb Advanced Eye Relief Dry Eye Rejuvenation Lubricant Eye Drops
  • Keep lights adjusted to prevent glare on computer screen
  • Give your eyes a break every 15 minutes by focusing on distant objects
  • Practice frequent blinking

Injuries to the Eye

Seek professional attention immediately if your eyes become injured. This is the simplest way to protect your vision. Here are some eye injury symptoms:

  • Eyelids that are torn or cut
  • Vision or pain issues
  • Loss of movement in one eye compared to the other
  • Eye protrusion compared to the other
  • Pupil shape or size that is abnormal
  • The white of the eye contains blood
  • The eye has something embedded in it
  • A foreign object cannot be easily removed from under eyelid

Which Eye Drops Work the Best?

No matter what type of eye problem you have, there is an eye drop that will relieve most symptoms. Figuring out which ointment or drop to choose is dependent upon your condition:

  • Allergies
  • Dryness
  • Eye discharge
  • Itching
  • Pinkeye (infection)
  • Redness
  • Soreness
  • Swelling

Consult your eye doctor should any of these conditions develop to determine the severity, as well as the cause, and to discuss the best treatment.

Prescription VS. Over-the-Counter Eye Drops

There are two different categories of eye drops available: prescription (RX) and over-the-counter (OTC).

Under most circumstances, OTC drops are most convenient and cost-effective.

However, if symptoms persist or worsen, it is important to obtain a prescription upon visiting your eye doctor to prevent eye infections.

Dry Eyes and Eye Drops

Artificial tears, also known as lubricating eye drops, are used for short-term relief. They provide relief for those who are using computers for a prolonged period of time, outdoors in constant wind, in constant sun, or overtired.


Using eye drops is actually quite simple, but most people do know this.

Here are some simple steps:

  • To allow drops to say in the eye, tilt head back.
  • Pull lower eyelid toward nose.
  • Do not close eye.
  • Do not touch bottle to eye, and then squeeze.
  • Close eye for a brief moment, blink quickly to distribute fluid.

Follow these steps for ointment, remembering not to touch the tube’s tip to your eye.

Avoid using decongestant drops for dry eye because they can worsen the problem over time.

Redness and Dry Eyes

Vasoconstrictors are contained within decongestant eye drops, which are used for the elimination of red eyes through the shrinkage of blood vessels.

Be sure to determine specifically what is causing your red eyes with your eye doctor before using decongestant eye drops for a long period of time. Over time, your eyes will begin developing a tolerance to these drops and additional redness could occur.

When redness occurs from being overtired, lubricating eye drops available OTC works best.

For those who are experiencing red eye due to seasonal allergies, OTC lubricating eye drops also work best for this type of relief as well.


DROPin eye drop instiller

This device allows you to get the drops into your eyes, rather than all over yourself.

The DROPin Eye Drop Assist is a plastic device that simply allows users to position the tip of the eye drops they’re using directly over their eye for the easier use of their medications and lubrication solutions.

All users have to do is remove the bottle’s cap, place the bottle through the hole of the device, and bring the DROPin to their face with its end cupped around their nose. The only thing they have to do is ensure the tip of the dropper is centered over their eye, tip their head back, and give the bottle a squeeze. One hand can hold open the eye, and one hand can use the DROPin because it only takes one hand to use.

Croccy Goes to Expo West!

We are excited to announce that we will be attending Expo West 2015! Come visit us in booth #7539! This trade show is the premier trade show for natural living. They are expecting to have over 3,000 exhibitors with the world’s top natural brands and products. They have been showcasing products since 1981. And they have managed to grow from 3,000 attendees at the first show to 67,041 industry attendees in 2014.

We will be showcasing our gentle and safe eye drops for daily lubrication. They are great and non-aggressive. They truly don’t sting and they don’t bite.

Do my kids need eye drops?

Do my kids need eye drops?

Q: My kids are either always active playing their little league sports, or doing their homework on the computer.  Should I be concerned about them having dry eyes?

A: If the dry eye problem is primarily due to the environment, it can usually be resolved through use of sunglasses when children are outdoors. The use of sun wear helps reduce their eye’s exposure to dust, sun, and wind. It may be a good idea to try using the type of sun protection what utilizes foam on either side to create a seal and they are close-fitting. These frames offer a wrap-around style preventing dust and wind from going behind the lenses and causing irritation to the eyes.

As far as computer use is concerned, consider adjusting the display settings so the brightness is lowered to the same level as the surrounding work area, adjust the text size to a comfortable range, and make adjustments to the color so it is pleasing to the eye. Try to avoid working with overhead lighting, and make sure your children are taking frequent breaks. Their eyes will experience strain if there is a lot of glare on the screen, as well as surrounding surfaces, so do your best to minimize this in their work area.

Q: Do they need drops?

A: Try consulting with your eye care practitioner to see if a prescription for artificial tears is necessary. Artificial tears are eye drops that provide lubrication for eyes experiencing scratchy or dry feelings. In addition to helping with environmental issues, artificial tears also help those who suffer from dry eye due to prolonged computer use.

Artificial tears can be bought over the counter, but they do not have the same lasting effects as a prescription form would, and they may not be as effective. It is true that many brands work well with contact lenses but, used along, it is best to consult with your eye care practitioner before wasting your money.

If your child is not complaining of dry eye now, discuss your concerns with your eye care practitioner and ask if you should have a prescription on hand if symptoms arise. They may suggest alternatives, such as supplements or additional water consumption. They may also have a good suggestion for an over-the-counter brand that would work well, too.

Q: Should I make any dietary changes?

A: It isn’t uncommon for doctors to make recommendations with regards to nutrition and hydration for people experiencing dry eye symptoms. Studies indicate that dry eye symptoms are decreased through the consumption of supplements or foods containing omega-3 fatty acids. You can find good sources of this in sardines, cod, salmon, and herring, as well as other cold water fish. In addition, some doctors also recommend that dry eye symptoms be reduced by adding flax seed oil to one’s diet.

It is also recommended that better hydration routines be implemented. When individuals are mildly dehydrated, their dry eye symptoms increase. This particularly true during dry, windy, and hot weather. By simply drinking water, dry eye symptoms could be eliminated completely. Even if your child is not complaining of dry eye or irritation, drinking plenty of water now will prevent symptoms from cropping up later on.