The Best Remedy for Treating Dry Eyes and Red Eyes

Dry eye syndrome happens when there is a tear film abnormality or decreased tear production in your eyes. Symptoms related to this condition include:

  • Burning or stinging
  • Fluctuating or decreased vision
  • Scratchiness or eye irritation
  • Stringy mucus around the eyes

The proper balance of water, mucus and oil must be maintained to let tears lubricate your eyes. Absence of these components may lead to eyes becoming irritated and dry. If tears are not produced at a balanced rate, the eye’s surface becomes irritated, and they tear excessively in an effort to lubricate themselves.

Why opt for artificial tears as treatment

Dry eyes can make a person pretty desperate for relief. Artificial tears are among the most effective treatment you can consider if you suffering from this condition.

The best remedy for treating Dry Eyes is artificial tears. Artificial tears acts as a substitute to your eye’s natural moisture in case your eyes are not making sufficient of their own. They relieve irritation and dryness, hence promoting comfort. During the allergy period, artificial tears can make the difference between complete despair and comfort.

Besides lubricating your eyes, several artificial tears contain electrolytes. Apparently, these additives can promote healing of the eye’s surface in case of a minor injury. These tears may also contain some kind of thickening agents that keep the solution on your eye’s surface, longer.

In case you miss a dose/ overdose

Since artificial tears are used only when needed or when the eyes are itching, you are not expected to miss a dose. On the other hand, an overdose of artificial tears is not expected to be that much hazardous; however, in case of any side effects resulting from using artificial tears, consult your doctor.

In addition, it is less expected that any other drug you may be taking will interact with artificial tears to cause unnecessary effects on your body. However, it is good to notify your doctor about all the over-the-counter medications, minerals, herbal products, vitamins, and other drugs that you may be taking. There are many types of artificial tears in the market today, and a popular drug like Crocodile Tears, can be effective in reducing the dryness in your eyes, without causing any harm.

Try Crocodile tears to soothe your eyes.

Are artificial tears safe for your children?

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, if your kid has red eyes due to allergies or illness, you can find some artificial tears that are safe to use. Depending on your kid’s eye conditions, doctors sometimes recommend specific artificial tears just meant for children. Therefore as a parent, it is always advisable to consult a doctor to establish what kind of artificial tears will be both beneficial and safe for your kid.


There are different types of artificial tears that are safe to use on kids. Artificial tears especially made from pure saline are harmless on kids of any age. If your kid is three years old or more, you can safely use artificial tears, which contain mast cell stabilizers or antihistamines to treat redness or eye itchiness, caused by allergies.

Safe usage

To safely, instill artificial tears in your kid’s eyes, doctors recommend you start by ensuring that the eyes are clean. Ask your kid to look upward, and then use your finger to pull the lower eyelid down. Avoid any contact between your child’s eye and the tip of the eyedropper. Put the recommended drops of the medication in the eye, and then release the eyelid.


The most important thing while your child has these eye problems and other related conditions is to consult a specialist. While red, itchy eyes are an obvious sign of allergies, talk to your doctor first for an appropriate diagnosis. Sometimes, your kid may be suffering from a viral or bacterial infection in his/her eyes. In addition to that, there are special artificial tears that work well in children, hence the significance of knowing the most suitable type.

Crocodile tears, is for instance, a proper type of artificial tears that can stimulate your kid’s natural ability to clear redness and to fight dryness. There are no worries about the rebound consequences of using this type of artificial tears on your kid. However, always find out the problem first before treating it with the available medications in the market.

Try Crocodile tears to soothe your eyes.

Do you need glasses or just tears?

Dry eyes syndrome is one of the reason many people visit an optometrist. Tears lubricate your eyes and guard them against infections and allergens. Therefore, without tears, perfect vision is impossible.  Signs of this syndrome may include:

  • Inflammation and redness of the eye
  • Burning of the eye
  • Persistent dryness of the eye
  • Foreign body sensation

Dye Eye Syndrome treatment

Fortunately, there are a number of treatments available for this syndrome. Most of these methods are successful at reducing dry eye symptoms. However, in the recent past, many patients have believed that the only remedy to this problem is getting glasses from a health professional.  This is definitely, untrue. Having dry eyes is not usually related to needing glasses. One of the most effective medication processes that can be used to treat dry eyes is “artificial tears”, which helps in lubricating the outer and inner surfaces of the eyes.

What makes artificial tears tick?

Artificial tears act as substitute to natural tears; they can replace natural tears to an extent. They cannot match the protein found in natural tears; however, they are rich in polymers, water and salt. Many people find glasses uncomfortable, annoying, unattractive and inconvenient. Contrary to this, artificial tears try to mimic the natural tears, hence more convenient compared to glasses. In other words, they act as a “first cousin” to natural tears:

  • They are lubricants. For that reason, they act as a comforting agent to the eye. Usually, people suffering from this syndrome, are known to have damaged ocular tissue because of the friction and irritation caused in the eye. However, artificial tears guard these tissues from this kind of damage.
  • Additionally, they perfectly blend well with the eye’s ocular secretions, thus not causing any stinging or burning sensation to the eye. Alternatively, they reduce comfort and increase comfort.

Best artificial tears

It is imperative, to discuss with your optometrist the origin of your condition before taking any action. Your doctor will recommend artificial tears that can handle your level and type of dry eye severity. Crocodile Tears, a type of artificial tears readily available in the market, is among the most trusted medications your doctor may recommend; therefore, feel free to research more about it.

Try Crocodile tears to soothe your eyes.