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Preparing Your Eyes For Winter

The winter months are the best time of year for your eyes, correct? When the sun’s rays are less powerful it isn’t likely that people will experience a lot of vision problems. Who needs eye protection in the winter? UV rays, sun glare, all of that is gone. Right? Hey, the overcast skies and loads […]

Eyes and Sun Damage

You use sunscreen on your skin to avoid damage from the sun, but do you protect your eyes from injury that can come from ultraviolet (UV) rays? Sunglasses are one way to do this. Not all sunglasses are created equal and using the proper protection for your eyes can mean the difference between a lifetime […]

Clear up the confusion about eye drops

So, your eye doctor has suggested that you use artificial tears to treat your dry eye condition. You have been to the drug store, and noticed the overwhelming types of artificial tears in the shelves. Which one should you try? Is there any difference between these drugs? Here is a useful classification list of these […]

The Best Remedy for Treating Dry Eyes and Red Eyes

Dry eye syndrome happens when there is a tear film abnormality or decreased tear production in your eyes. Symptoms related to this condition include: Burning or stinging Fluctuating or decreased vision Scratchiness or eye irritation Stringy mucus around the eyes The proper balance of water, mucus and oil must be maintained to let tears lubricate […]

Are artificial tears safe for your children?

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, if your kid has red eyes due to allergies or illness, you can find some artificial tears that are safe to use. Depending on your kid’s eye conditions, doctors sometimes recommend specific artificial tears just meant for children. Therefore as a parent, it is always […]

Do you need glasses or just tears?

Dry eyes syndrome is one of the reason many people visit an optometrist. Tears lubricate your eyes and guard them against infections and allergens. Therefore, without tears, perfect vision is impossible.  Signs of this syndrome may include: Inflammation and redness of the eye Burning of the eye Persistent dryness of the eye Foreign body sensation […]

Science of Tears

The Typogrophy of Tears by Rose Lyne Fisher A series of microscopic photos of dried, human tears. See Rose Lyne Fisher’s Gallery http://www.rose-lynnfisher.com/tears.html All Photographs by Rose-Lynn Fisher/Craig Krull Gallery. Watering Eyes Tears of Change Tears of Elation Tears of Liberation Tears of Laughter Tears of Ending and Beginning Tears of Hope Tears of Release Tears […]

Causes for Dry Eye

Dry eye is a condition in which there is an insufficient amount of tears needed to lubricate and nourish the eye. This process is essential for providing clear vision and for protecting the eye’s sensitive surface tissues. Other common names for dry eye include chronic dry eye, dry eye syndrome, dry eye disease, and kerato-conjunctivitis […]